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Coronavirus information for students and staff
New sports facility swimming pool
Ravelin Sports Centre Drone Video

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Check out this drone video of our new facility making its mark on Portsmouth’s cityscape

Illustration lecturer Neequaye Dsane, known as the artist Dreph, painted the wall mural on the EastEnders set

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Artist Dreph painted the image of a black woman to reflect modern day UK

Male student smiling outside of the student union
Female student smiling with friends

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And we're 2nd in the south east in the latest National Student Survey (NSS)

Students walking

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Student life will be a little different in 2023/21, but you’ll still have a great, varied and enriching experience. Find out how we're getting ready.

Smiling student at desk with laptop
Smiling students at help desk

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Can't find what you're looking for? You might find it on the Article Hub

MyPort has a new look, but all the important information you need is still right here.

That means you can access your 境外网络加速, Moodle, 免费网络加速 and 加速网络加速软件 just as before. You can also search the MyPort article hub for help relating to any aspect of your uni experience.

And if you're looking for your assessment results or want to change your personal details, you can head straight to the manage my course page.

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Google Mail

Google Calendar

Google Drive

PC availability and IT services

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  • My timetable

  • My units

  • My course marks

  • My unit marks

  • Update my details

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  • Library

  • Academic support

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Careers and employability

  • Sport and recreation

Coronavirus information

The latest advice and information about Coronavirus (COVID-19), including how to contact the University’s Coronavirus Information Line.

A stock image of the covid-19 coronavirus
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开发网络加速软件-开发网络加速介绍相关产品介绍及解决方案 ...:阿里云开发网络加速软件页面为您提供关于开发网络加速软件、开发网络加速介绍相关产品介绍,包括产品优势、技术构建、解决方案、伍及使用支持文档等全面内容信息。您还可伍通过开发网络加速软件页面进行咨询,对产品进行详细了解。想了解更多关于建设监督和督促野外作业人员怎么注册 ...

Get help with academic skills, managing your money, disabilities and emergencies.

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Download campus maps, find out more about social activities and get involved with sport.

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